Breakfast Food Storage Bucket

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The ideal option to provide your family's long term food storage with morning nutrition now comes in a portable Lindon Farms bucket. All Lindon Farms products have a 25 year shelf life and since our Breakfast Bucket contains 6 savory options at meal time, even the pickiest eater has an option they'll enjoy! The nutrition you get in the morning sets you up for a full day of activity. Don't miss out on this must-have breakfast feast!

  • 20 servings of Cinnamon Rice Pudding (2 pouches)
  • 20 servings of Apple Blueberry Granola (2 pouches)
  • 20 servings of Natural Granola (2 pouches)
  • 20 servings of Strawberry and Banana Fruit Mix (4 pouches)
  • 20 servings of Polenta (2 pouches)
  • 20 servings of Natural Oatmeal (2 pouches)

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  • Shelf Life of 25 Years!
  • Comes in a 4 Gallon Bucket
  • Weighs 11 lbs.