Freeze Dried Vegetable Variety Food Storage (320 Servings)

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Freeze Dried Vegetable Variety Food Storage

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Turn any side dish into a complete meal with the Lindon Farms Freeze Dried Vegetables pack. From stir-frys to savory potpies, vegetables make a dish come to life. The beauty of our freeze-dried vegetable variants is their long shelf life of up to 25 years! Dont let your family go without necessary nutrients. These easily stackable containers are perfect for camping, emergency food storage or everyday use.

- Sweet Peas (2) 18 serving pouches | 8.57oz/pouch
- Diced Potatoes (2) 14 serving pouches | 6.9oz/pouch
- Corn Kernels (2) 20 serving pouches | 7oz/pouch
- Green Beans (2) 31 serving pouches | 3.3oz/pouch
- Cauliflower (2) 40 serving pouches | 2.82oz/pouch
- Broccoli (2) 37 serving pouches | 5oz/pouch