Variety Beverage Bucket

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What's the one thing most often forgotten when storing survival food? Beverages. Don't let nutrient rich drinks escape your memory when stocking up on the goods. With a grab-n-go design and 3 different drinks to choose from, you wont have to worry about disasters or last minute backpacking trips. Our beverage bucket weighs just over 3 lbs. that's light enough for almost any family member to carry!

Each bucket has a 25 year shelf life, that's 25 years of defense against thirst!

20 servings of Regular Whey Milk (2 pouches)
20 servings of Chocolate Whey Milk (2 pouches)
20 servings of Orange Drink (2 pouches)
Just add water to the sealed pouches and enjoy!

Click here for Lindon Farms Beverage Nutritional Panel