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Top 5 Reasons to store Emergency Foods

Posted by Dustin Thompson on

When you research the Best Foods to Store, you immediately think of Emergency Food Storage, long shelf life foods, community food pantries, and what foods to store.

1: Emergency Food Storage:

There is no longer a question on why should you store food. The United States Government has already dedicated a website on the best foods to store and advises everyone to have emergency supplies in case of a disaster. They do this because the government can only respond so quickly.  Why would you risk you or your family’s safety when the solution is so simple?

For Example: Lindon Farms Worry-Free Food Storage Kits 

This kit is a simple, economical, way to secure your family’s safety in case of a disaster.  The 60 servings kit can sustain 1 adult for 5 days or your family of 5 for 2 – 3 days dependent on meal usage.  Within 2 – 3 days, there would typically be a community response or government intervention.  

2: Best Foods to Store Price Lock:

You secure your investment by purchasing from Lindon farms today; as food prices are set to rise eventually, our prices will rise as well. By purchasing from us, you secure the price of your emergency food for up to 25 years.

3: Nutrition:

Why sacrifice your health with high sodium, high preservative foods in a disaster situation? That is a situation when you will need your strength and your health the most.  Lindon Farms recognizes the need for proper nutrition in emergencies.  Therefore, Lindon Farms created some of the Best Foods to Store by locking in nutrients with state of the art packaging techniques

4: No Commitment:  

Purchase in a way that works best for you and your budget. Lindon Farms is the first food storage product line to be offered in a simple rotating monthly delivery program. You can purchase an entire year supply at incredible prices or set a low monthly budget and build your food storage steadily over time. Lindon Farms is all about keeping food storage simple!

5: Price:

This one is simple; research our website versus any competitor.  You will not find better value, better nutrition, or better savings with anyone else. We give this to you as one of our promises and one of our company values.

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