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Mormon Food Storage

Posted by Dustin Thompson on

The LDS Mormon Food Storage is a staple of the LDS community.  The LDS church encourages its members to store at least 72 hours of food, water, cash, and other emergency supplies. The LDS Church has compiled an exhaustive list of Foods to Store.  In Salt Lake City, the Mormon Church has started food storage that can feed thousands in the case of a disaster.  Being prepared is always better than being without.

How can this assist you? Earlier this year here is what happened.

8 million without power, 28 inches of snow in WV, 15, 000 flights cancelled, 131 dead.

These are chilling statistics and a reality to all of those who experienced Hurricane Sandy.  The government could not act quickly enough, but those who came to immediate rescue where the LDS church and members of the community who were prepared. They knew what Foods to Store.

Lindon Farms offers Cheap Monthly Food Storage Kits that can save your life and the life of all those in your community.  Hurricane Sandy was a wakeup call, our government can only respond so quickly and the salvation of community often lies within the hands of the community.

Long Life Storage Foods, Lindon Farms will always offers the best quality, the cheapest prices, and the most reliable customer service and shipping. Do not wait for a disaster, prepare today and be secure for tomorrow.

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