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Just Add Water Recipe Mango Salsa

Posted by Dustin Thompson on


Tropical fruit is expensive; it has a very short shelf life, but is high in nutritional content and a common ingredient in a variety of gourmet foods. With ever-increasing gas prices, the ability to afford reasonably priced tropical fruits is a distant memory.  How can you obtain tropical fruit for a fair and economical price? Lindon Farms 150 Tropical Fruit: 150 servings, 25-year shelf life, and all nutritional content intact. 

This kit includes the following:
Whole Cherries– 24 servings (1 pouches-each pouch is 4.8 oz) (USA)

Whole Red Seedless Grapes– 26 servings (1 pouches-each pouch is 5.28 oz) (Chile)

Whole Blackberries- 22 servings (1 pouches-each pouch is 4.48 oz) (USA, Chile, and Serbia)

Diced Mangoes- 28 servings (1 pouches-each pouch is 5.6 oz) (Mexico and Peru)

Diced Pears- 24 servings (1 pouches-each pouch is 4.8 oz) (USA, China, Israel, and Canada)

Diced Pineapples- 26 servings (1 pouches-each pouch is 5.12 oz) (Costa Rica, China, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and the USA)

Mango Salsa
2 Pouches of Lindon Farms Diced Mangoes
2 cloves of garlic
1 small red onion
1 can of Diced tomatoes
½ cup of Cilantro
½ parsley
½ cup of sugar
½ Apple Cider Vinegar
¼ cup of lime juice

Cost with fresh mangoes $15
Cost with Lindon Farms Freeze Dried mangoes $9.5
Total Savings $5.50


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