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Just Add Water Hearty Potato Soup

Posted by Dustin Thompson on

Long day at work, snow outside, long drive home, the last thing you want to do is go home and cook dinner.  Let Lindon Farms make your life a little easier with our easy Wholesale-Prepared Survival Foods.  Our foods are one of the most nutritious Emergency Survival Foods on the market.   

Our Hearty Potato Soup can be used as a base for a soup or can be enjoyed as a quick and easy meal packed with nutrients and low on preservatives.  Utilizing Emergency Survival Foods can save time, money, and best of all at the end of a long hard day it can put you at ease knowing how quickly and easily our foods can be prepared. Enjoy our Hearty Potato Soup on its own by Just Adding Water or utilize the simple recipe below to spice it up a bit after a long day.

Hearty Potato Soup

2 Cups Diced Potatoes (Bowl for 15 min or until soft)
½ Pouch of Linden Farms Hearty Potato Soup  mix
½ Cup of Diced Chives
½ Cup of White Onion

Add the water from the boiled potatoes to the base, then add the rest of the ingredients and enjoy.

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